Bachelor of Business.

By anticipating the performance and productivity demands of our ever-evolving organisations and industry ecosystems, ASTRA’s flagship Bachelor of Business course draws upon a depth of expertise, experience and insight to offer students unrivalled understanding of how to harness leading-edge solutions and the technologies which enable them.

With quality yet affordable instruction and a passion for continuous learner improvement, we’re also matching graduate attributes with real-world recruiting trends at every turn.


Inspired by Industry

With an innovative, industry-aligned approach, strategically developed to drive collaboration with with global business leaders, our qualifications strike a flexible and forward-thinking balance between business studies theory and practice.

By leveraging the emerging fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, social media, and virtual and augmented reality, we’re priming graduates to navigate technology-enabled tasks and techniques with confidence.

Accredited and Recognised

ASTRA operates as a trusted and internationally recognised provider of transformative, technology-enabled educational experiences, powered by new ways of thinking and doing.

The Institute’s course is nationally accredited and registered by the Tertiary Education and Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) and is included on the National Register of Higher Education Providers.

Is ASTRA right for me?

Your future starts here, which means ours does too.

At ASTRA, we believe in enquiring minds and their capacity to shape the future of business and society in the most valuable of ways, so we welcome those ready to realise their intellectual and professional potential by making impactful, lifelong contributions to their communities, from wherever they hail.

Our pursuit of academic excellence is driven by a commitment to growth, development and ongoing engagement throughout our organisation, as we provide a launchpad for leaders to create legacies of their own.

Our Partners

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