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Board of Directors

Astra Group Australia Pty Ltd is a proprietary limited company established under the Corporations Act 2001. ASTRA is registered as an Institute of Higher Education under the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Act 2011 (Provider ID: PRV14367).

ASTRA is governed by a Board of Directors that includes a majority of independent members, as well as Company shareholder representatives. The independence of the Board of Directors provides a mechanism to separate the ownership and governance of the Company from the management of the Institute, and to provide independent business, financial and higher education expertise and advice at the highest level of decision-making.

The Board of Directors is chaired by one of its independent members and sets the Institute’s mission and strategic goals. It also works to ensure that the Institute continues to meet its legal, regulatory, financial and social obligations and responsibilities.

Academic Board

In order to provide a mechanism whereby the Institute is provided with independent academic advice, the Board of Directors delegates the academic governance of the Institute to the Academic Board. This Board is comprised of academic staff from other higher education providers, industry practitioners, individuals from the Institute’s academic staff and an ASTRA alumni member.

The Institute’s Academic Board operates independently of its ownership and management, to ensure academic course integrity. The Board has responsibility for academic policy making and administration, as well as oversight of the educational process, ensuring that appropriate control over the administration of the curriculum is maintained in a manner supportive of educational objective achievement.

Executive Management Committee

The CEO is responsible for the efficient and effective conduct of the Institute’s business. To bolster this endeavour the CEO convenes the Executive Management Committee, which assists with the day-to-day running of the Institute and brings a high level of management coordination to efforts focused upon achieving ASTRA’s strategic and financial objectives.

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