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Our Story.

Understand where we’ve come from and be excited by where we’re going.

Welcome to ASTRA.

As one of Australia’s most pioneering proponents of technology-enabled learning, our Institute of Higher Education is here to provide a premium, forward-thinking environment for every student.

Our History

ASTRA was founded with the intention of becoming an innovative learning force on a national and international stage. By equipping our students with unique academic and technical skills which comprehensively join the dots between theory and practice, we’re working to facilitate a winning union between the business leaders and technologies of the future.

Our Vision

Ultimately, our vision is to foster a reputation for excellence in student-centric, highly engaging and diversified tertiary experiences, that empower students to operate and excel in and around rapidly evolving business environments. We consider truly transformative higher education to be that which can successfully combine traditional degree offerings with the emerging fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, social media, virtual reality and augmented reality. It’s why ASTRA guarantees graduates the learning experiences they’ll need to harness the potential of emerging technologies throughout their careers.

“Our pursuit of academic excellence and investment in the growth and development of enquiring minds will provide opportunities for students to realise their intellectual and professional potentials, and to make impactful, lifelong contributions to their communities.”

Dhruv Sabharwal (CEO – ASTRA Institute of Higher Education)

Our Facilities

Located in Sydney – Australia’s showpiece city and home to many world-renowned establishments spanning business and beyond – ASTRA’s state-of-art campus merges bold design with cutting-edge functionality. Ably supported by a suite of related resources and student services, it’s a seamless hub for in-person and online learning.

Our campus address is located at:
Level 3, 16-18 Wentworth St
Parramatta NSW 2150

Our Culture

The core values and guiding principles upon which ASTRA has been built are at the forefront of how we deliver our programs, who we select to administer them, and the standards we hold ourselves accountable to, as part of our commitment to everyone who studies with us. They define our vibrant, collaborative and inclusive culture, and include respect, integrity, passion and purpose, agility, continuous improvement, and being consistently trustworthy, transparent and ethical.

Our Goals

In keeping with our big picture intent, ASTRA aims to surpass a series of key milestones by 2030, including:

  • Positioning ourselves as a top-of-mind option for individuals and organisations who believe that a future-proofed approach to business is fundamental to competitive advantage.
  • Producing highly sought-after graduates who excel in the fields of immersive computing, digital decentralisation and online communities.
  • Curating new degree offerings to meet market needs in areas such as biotechnology and cybersecurity.
  • Expanding our domestic and global reach with a focused commitment to the APAC region.
  • Offering a varied and accessible educational experience to a broad base of students whilst gaining student and industry recognition for championing a progressive culture around knowledge and know-how.

We invite you to begin a new chapter of your story by becoming part of ours.

A transformative education experience, tailored to you.

In-person or online, ASTRA is committed to delivering truly valuable, forward-thinking programs to enquiring minds everywhere.

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