There’s no doubt that we’re living through an unprecedented period of physical, social and economic upheaval in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The last two years have shifted sentiment around a wide variety of matters, not least how we work and what we could be doing differently to use our energies and expertise more productively.

Along with remote working, this shift has introduced even greater reliance upon digital collaboration, the need to broaden the scope of tech tools to enhance workflows and creative capture across entire businesses, and reflection on how best to harness and focus productivity. All these act as tells for where our workforces are headed when it comes to what organisations will need from them in order to retain competitive advantage into the future.

Businesses certainly have a large part to play in facilitating their employees to embrace new ways of working. They need to actively invest in and support the types of experience and expertise required to successfully navigate the fresh opportunities and threats which will continue to emerge, to champion a curious and collaborative culture. As the pandemic has proved, in times of turbulence it is those companies who are able to assess, adapt and communicate, swiftly and purposefully, who not only survive but thrive.

But what exactly should individuals themselves be considering when it comes to the fundamentals of building a future-fit business career, in a climate of not just innovation but multi-faceted flux?

Be Informed

Actively seeking out and investing in the acquisition of new knowledge and expertise will position you as more capable, informed and adaptable than your peers, both professionally and personally.

With technology-enabled work practices evolving more quickly than ever, understanding the why of tools and techniques, as well as the what and how, will enable committed learners to confidently span roles, companies and industries across a varied and extended career. Sourcing, interpreting and communicating information and insight will increasingly be viewed as fundamental a trait as the ability to undertake specific, routine tasks.

Be In-Demand

In the age of digital transformation, leaning into the types of skills identified by industry experts and executives as in-demand can be the difference between relevance and redundancy for those starting out on, or updating, their professional path.

From soft skills such as creativity and collaboration, through to harder technical competencies including data science, artificial intelligence, multi-realities, metaverse development and blockchain integration, focused and sustained professional development increases your relevance and ROI for companies and clients.

Be Agile

Worker and workforce agility are prized commodities in an era characterised by rapid technological advancement.

There have been noteworthy instances over the past couple of years where those businesses who have adjusted their products and services, or adapted their processes and systems, be it in the digital or physical realm, have fared far better than competitors who were slower or more resistant to change. Although no doubt guided and energised by robust leadership, these successes have ultimately resulted from the resilience and resourcefulness of their people.

Be Human

As technology’s impact on businesses, markets and economies continues to grow, the importance of integrating a strong human element does too.

In the midst of automation, an ever greater premium is sure to be placed upon those who can effectively combine collaboration, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, cultural awareness and moral judgement within their work. These attributes assist us in understanding motivations, exploring options and optimising outcomes, meaning that your contribution will be harder to replace or replicate if you prioritise them.

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